Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Thousand and One Styles

Well first off, thanks for all the follows/comments and also for spreading the word!

One of the things that drew me to stand up comedy - and is always keeping me interested - is the sheer range of styles that the entertainers bring to the table. Whether you like Tim Vine*'s use of props and songs, Stuart Francis' monotone one-liners, the angry Celt Dara O'Briain, or the new kid on the block: high-pitched Michael McIntyre, stand up literally has something for everybody**.

So, over to you: Which comics do you dislike and who's routine could you watch over and over?

* watch at your own risk - this is five minutes you're NEVER going to get back!
** with a sense of humour

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dave Chapelle

Ah, Dave Chapelle. Probably one of the first stand up comedians that I saw in a somewhat amateur setting, unfortunately it was only on youtube. I'm not really sure why it appealed to me so much but instantly I knew that there was so much more to sitting at home on the sofa watching Lee Evans prance around a stage like a sweaty monkey. Don't get me wrong I think Lee is great, and would love to see him live; but much like music and football it's the smaller venues that bring you closer to the entertainment that really make a show worth seeing.

It's fairly old and despite plugging this blog everywhere if you're into stand up, you'll have seen this. But it's always worth a watch.

I kind of enjoyed that...

Having stormed to success with nothing more than a collection of photos, I have to admit I've caught the blogging bug - albeit 12 years late.

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is to watch stand up comedy. It's always good to have a laugh with yourself, and the best comedians can describe situations that you can always relate to.

Enough of this post though, I'm going to stick a little bit of design up in here (although I wish I had some graphical talent and anything other than a laptop touchpad) and then kick on with my night!