Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dave Chapelle

Ah, Dave Chapelle. Probably one of the first stand up comedians that I saw in a somewhat amateur setting, unfortunately it was only on youtube. I'm not really sure why it appealed to me so much but instantly I knew that there was so much more to sitting at home on the sofa watching Lee Evans prance around a stage like a sweaty monkey. Don't get me wrong I think Lee is great, and would love to see him live; but much like music and football it's the smaller venues that bring you closer to the entertainment that really make a show worth seeing.

It's fairly old and despite plugging this blog everywhere if you're into stand up, you'll have seen this. But it's always worth a watch.


  1. love watching dave chappelle one of my favourite stand ups. i miss the chappelle show.

  2. I wouldn't necessarily rank Chappelle as one of my favorites, but he is definitely funny.